Fragile Generation.

The jungle, thick with air and glistening leaves, the sun shines bright but is shrouded by layers upon layers of green canopies. Luminous sun spots carpet the jungle floor. This is the backyard of the Huaorani people, the Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, deep within the Orient of Ecuador. They raise families here, hunt, play and sleep. In order for their traditions and deep knowledge of the jungle to be carried on, the young Huaorani must resist the influences of the modern world and honor their tribe's ways.

Some of this responsibility lies in a young boy's hands, his name is Api. His energy is boundless, personality magnetic and curiosity dangerous. With six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, he is evolved, perhaps as a future master of the jungle. This is a look into this fragile place, his jungle and his livelihood.



Photo series

Video - coming soon



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