The Feral Way.

The Huaorani in the Ecuadorian headwaters of the Amazon comprise about 1,500 people who are living in up to 24 temporary settlements in an area of almost 20,000 sq. km, completely covered by rainforest. They revere the jaguar and call themselves, Huaorani which means "human beings" or "the people," and refer to everyone else as cowode or "non-humans."

This is Umayue, the great hunter. The Huaorani people do not keep track of how old they are but it is estimated that he is close to 70. His senses have become finely tuned for a feral life, allowing him to live as one with the jungle. Umayue and his family move through the forest at night without a flashlight, with no shoes and definitely they knows how to dress for the hot and humid jungle.



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